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Are you one of those who always placed you hesitant about online advertising? This may be reason to reconsider. Most likely, you spend money on traditional advertising, which in turn creates traffic to your website. With remarketing, you can choose to advertise only to visitors who have visited specific pages on your site, or in combination.

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Remarketing is a form of targeted online advertising through which online advertising is targeted at consumers based on their previous internet behavior, often in situations where they visited a website but did not lead to a sale or conversion. This advertising tools have long been exclusively available only for the big players. With Google Adwords, Facebook, and other networks are the creative type now available for the wider audience. You can more or less completely control who will see your ads. Depending on which network you choose, there are different possibilities. You can segment, and combine segments, so that you can more or less do not get any traffic at all. A good recommendation is to start an advertising tight, identify your sweat spots, make money on them, and then expand. With remarketing advertise you only the visitors who visited specific pages on your site. You can combine other segments to make the announcement incredibly narrow. facebook              goole adwords

Show your ads on Adwords and Facebook

Google Adwords and Facebook is by far the most common players, which one should start with. With Google Adwords display your ads on their search results and on pages that are featured in their ad networks. With this display ads in your prospects logs, or in the ad bar on the right. Many of your prospectus has its Facebook page open all the time, and / or will be returning to it regularly. And. Of course you want to remind your customers that you are, or what? Remarketing Facebook    

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