Gecko Do It is expanding, help us find a new office

Finally we are there. Its time to move to something bigger.

We are reaching out to the Bangkok community to see if we can get help finding the next “home” for our growing population of Geckos!

What we need:

  • 80-120 m2 over one floor (80-100 m2 would do just fine)
  • Budget is max 50,000 thb/month (smaller and better works fine)
  • Within walking distance (<800m) from BTS/MRT, not too much off track
  • We have some office furniture and can buy some more, but would be great if the a/c are in good condition and well dimensioned.
  • We don’t expect any walk-in customers so we can be on any floor.
  • We can move within 2 month, but are not in that hurry.

We are at Sukhumvit Soi 13. We love the location. Main issue is our current space is split in 2. The building is a little old but we don’t have a problem with it as we are mainly working from there, not showcasing it. Location and space is most important.

There is no need sending us to any luxury overpriced offices. We pay 290 thb/m2 today and can consider doubling it, but not much more.

We could also be interested in a barter agreement, exchanging web services for office space. We are a member of Barter Card already but such a deal can not be found there yet. If you can help sharing this we would much appreciate. Thanks for your time.

Call Niclas on +66 8 6176 0874, or send him an email at niclas @ (remove the spaces)